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Bristol: The Top Instagrammable Places to Visit In The City

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So, you’ve moved into your Urban Creation student accommodation.

Now it’s time to perfect that legendary photo dump on social media to hard launch your new stomping ground…priorities of course!

We’ve got you covered; Here are the top Instagrammable places in Bristol you can visit to capture top tier ‘gert – lush’ content.


The Christmas Steps

Starting off strong. Despite the name, the Christmas Steps are magical all year round.

Located in Bristol’s Art Quarter, not only does it look like a scene out of a Harry Potter film but it also has a maze of streets with art galleries, shops, a cinema and pubs.

Make sure to get there early for the best shots; it sees a lot of commuters during the day!


Cabot Tower

This next recommendation is all about the views! Plus it’s all free (with a free workout thrown in!) Climb up the countless stairs of this gorgeous pillar to the highest point in the city.

Here you will see a panorama of the whole city, the harbour docks, Clifton Village and beyond over to the likes of Bath.


The Florist Café

Not only is this a great photo spot, but it’s also a great restaurant and bar recommendation that is super close to our student accommodation on Park Street.

This restaurant/bar not only has aesthetically pleasing food and drink options, but it also boasts fabulous floral décor including botanicals hanging from the ceiling.

Did we also mention the flower wall on the top floor?


Bristol’s Colourful Houses

Simply walking around Bristol you’ll find plenty of photo opportunities. If it isn’t marvellous street art, It’s rows of rainbow coloured houses!

The best place to spot these vibrant streets would be in Cliftonwood Cresent, easily found via the Bristol Harbour Docks.


Clifton Village and The Suspension Bridge

Again, super close to our accommodation, Clifton Village is a beautiful suburb of Bristol that can be found if you continue to walk up the hill from Park Street.

Effortlessly picturesque; you will be welcomed by cobbled lanes, historic homes and Victorian shopping arcades.


Capture a Banksy!

Banksy is now a world-famous street artist whose name is known all over the globe; but he started right here in Bristol!

Banksy spotting Is a popular activity in the city and there are plenty of works you can visit. Check out this Banksy tour. 


Street Art in Stokes Croft

So, you’ve shown off your Banksy snaps…well there’s plenty more Bristol street art where that came from!

If you want to find the most colourful and bohemian area of town then Stokes Croft is it. It seems that nearly every household, building or wall has some form of street art there.

There’s loads of exciting things to see (and snap!) in this vibrant city.

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In the meantime, happy snapping!


Published: Monday 18th September by Phoebe Clutton