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5 ways to maximise space in your home

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We all want more room. But at Urban Creation we believe it’s all about maximising the space you have, hence our mission statement ‘clever space’.

Given that all of our properties are located in central Bristol, they mostly consist of studio, one or two bedroom apartments, so being ‘clever’ is key. Because of this we thought you might be interested to find out what our top 5 tips are on how to make the most out of the space you have.


1.      Floor to ceiling curtains

Now, this one is not strictly about providing you with more space, but by hanging your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible and ensuring they are long enough to skim the floor, you can create the illusion of a much bigger area.

We are lucky that a lot of our properties are blessed with high ceilings due to when they were built, but if you don’t live in a period property, fear not. This little trick will do wonders!


2.      Shelving units around your bed.

Not sure where to put all of your books? Want to add a few ornaments without filling up your windowsills? Well incorporating a bookcase/ shelving unit behind or around your bed is a great way to make a feature of all your bits and bobs.

The space is taken up by a bed anyway, so adding an extra unit will not take up too much room, but will provide you with that much needed area to put all those things you just can’t seem to find a place for.


3.      Under bed storage.

This one is probably a given, but nonetheless we feel it is important to mention. That empty space under your bed is just sitting there doing nothing so why not give it a use? There are so many products out there to help organise and sort everything under your bed efficiently, so you won’t struggle to find one that suits you. And the best bit… no one can see it!


4.      Hidden kitchen appliances

Feel like most of your kitchen cupboards are only half full and could probably be condensed down? A lot of us could probably incorporate a lot of our kitchen utensils into less cupboards, freeing up some space for something else.

Incorporating your microwave within a kitchen cupboard, for example, means it’s tidied away and provides you with more workspace to use either whilst cooking or to help the whole place look a lot less cluttered.


5.      Turning a feature wall into a workspace

This has to be one of our favourites. The industrial look is quite popular at the moment, so why not double it up as both a feature wall and a desk too!

Our new property on Park Street has enabled our tenants to not only live in an apartment with an interesting dimension to it, but it also doubles up as a workspace! ‘Clever’ I hear you say.

We hope you like our ideas.

Do you have any other space saving ideas? We would love to hear them!

The Urban Creation Team