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Bristol’s Best Vintage and Second-hand Shops

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Ever marvelled at how effortlessly stylish Bristolians are? The secret lies in the city’s vibrant vintage scene. Bristol stands out as a haven for unique clothing steeped in history, offering more treasure troves for bargain hunters than you could dream of!


Ready for a budget-friendly shopping spree? Here’s a roundup of Bristol’s top second-hand clothing shops for your next shop:



Loot Vintage

Step into the trendy interior of Loot Vintage Warehouse. Handpicked garments from the coolest cities worldwide, including Miami, New York, and Paris, undergo loving rework right on the shop floor, elevating vintage pieces to new levels.




Explore three stories of vintage delights at RePsycho, where the ground floor showcases printed shirts, shell suit jackets, and sequined party wear. Head to the first floor to find yourself transported to a mesmerizing 1960s time warp, brimming with funky trinkets and homewares.



Urban Fox

With over 25 years of vintage expertise, Urban Fox curates only the finest finds. The owner’s keen eye for quality ensures a collection that’s second to none, making Urban Fox a must-visit destination for vintage enthusiasts.



Rag Trade Boutique

Experience vintage shopping in an upscale atmosphere at Rag Trade Boutique. Discover dressier garments like sparkly gowns and statement jackets, often in pristine condition, for a luxurious vintage experience.



Uncle Sam’s American Vintage

Transport yourself to California at Uncle Sam’s, where hand-picked pieces from the ’40s to the ’80s await. With authenticity at its core, Uncle Sam’s remains a favourite among vintage aficionados on Park Street.



Don Majors

While renowned for its streetwear and graffiti artwork, Don Majors also has a collection of covetable vintage streetwear pieces at wallet-friendly prices.




A staple of Bristol’s independent shopping scene for over two decades, BS8 on Park Street features a vintage section at the rear, adding to its eclectic charm.



That Thing

Formerly known as Dutty, That Thing has solidified its place as a Bristol institution since its involvement in St. Nicholas Market. With a colourful array of That Thing-branded streetwear and a basement filled with top-notch vintage finds, it’s a must-visit destination in Stokes Croft.



There you have it! Elevate your clothing game and impress your friends with the finest vintage garments Bristol has to offer!


Published: 08.05.24 by Phoebe Clutton