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Living at Manor House: A Students perspective

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Every year we provide accommodation for many university students. Not only do we provide great housing, but our properties are perfectly located to experience everything the city has to offer.

But what is it like to actually live here? We spoke to one of our current tenants, Mansour Alshamsi, about life as a student in one of our apartments.


Which Urban Creation property do you live in?

I am currently living in The Manor House.


Why did you choose Urban Creation?

Location, Location, Location!

Before coming to Bristol, I was looking for student accommodation which was very close to campus and ideally found The Manor House, which is considered to be almost inside the university campus. It has an incredible location.


What is it about your apartment that you love?

What don’t I like about it? I fell in love with the place the moment I stepped in. The design of the apartment and space makes it feel like home.

I also love the landscaped gardens and beautiful views of the city you can find from the place.


Can you tell us a bit about student life in Bristol?

Student life here is very nice. Bristol is unique place with a world-class university right in the middle of the city.

All the staff are always there to help and everyone wants to get the best out of you, which makes it a very motivating place to study.


What is the best thing about living in Bristol?

The people! I was quite amazed how diverse the city is and how friendly the people here are. You’ll definitely make friends from all over the world!


Favourite cafe?

I love Mokoko Coffee & Bakery at Wapping Wharf where I’m always at! Society Café and Mrs Potts Chocolate House are also very good options.


Where is your favourite place to go?

There’s no specific place, I just love to wander around the city and keep exploring it.


Any tips for anyone thinking of studying here?

Just go for it! I’d just tell anyone to come and see what this beautiful city and great university have to offer. I was hesitant before coming here, but I surely made the right choice.