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We are not your average student accommodation provider; therefore, your overall experience shouldn’t be either. At Urban Student, we are committed to providing more than just accommodation, but a trustworthy community in your new city.

Starting University can be a new and daunting experience. It may be the first time you have been away from home. We understand the importance of ensuring you feel supported, comfortable and at ease 24/7. We also know the importance in having fun! It is University after all.

Here’s why we’re the best:


Our Apartments

For a start, we believe that creating apartments that cater to your needs is what student living is all about. Creating spaces that are thoughtfully designed so you can focus on your studies whilst enjoying the comforts of upscale living.

All our apartments come fully equipped with essential amenities such as CCTV, super-fast WiFi, TV license, utility bills, mobile key access, Endsleigh content insurance, Smart HD TVs, double beds with storage, cosy sofas, en-suite bathrooms, dedicated study spaces, and fully fitted kitchens.

Our many years of creating stylish city homes, coupled with a real passion for Bristol, help us to develop properties that are great to live in and stand the test of time.


24/7 Support

Navigating University life is a lot easier with a support system in place. At Urban Student, we provide around the clock, 7 day a week phone lines and emergency contacts so you can rest assure we’re here whenever you need us. Our multilingual office team ensures effective communication with international students, and we build strong personal relationships, trust and loyalty.

You can also stay updated and engaged with our weekly emails and blogs, filled with company updates, exclusive offers, city recommendations and valuable student top tips. You can also connect with fellow Urban Student tenants and make friends at our organised socials.



As a Bristol-based company, we take pride in contributing to a city that has been recognised as the first British city to be named European Green Capital. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of our business. From investing in low-energy appliances and solar panels to utilising air-source heat pumps and triple glazing, we strive to minimise our environmental impact.



The Urban Student Experience is more than just a place to stay; it’s a commitment to your well-being, academic success, city experience and sustainable future!

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Published: 26.02.24 by Phoebe Clutton