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To Be Or Not To Be? How To Choose The Perfect Uni Flatmate

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One of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a university student is where to live. If you’re a Bristol or London student we’ve got you covered with our city student accommodation.

The second biggest (and arguably hardest) decision is working out who you’ll share your living space with for the year.

That lecture bestie you have might seem hilarious right now, but are they going to be as funny at 2am when you’re trying to sleep? Lets face it, some of our friends that we love, we simply could not live with!

If you’re going into your first year, it’s likely you may not know anyone from the city you are moving to. Therefore, how are you supposed to know who is going to be a good flatmate?

With us opening our student enquiries this month; here are some tips on strategically choosing your student accommodation flatmates to ensure a stress-free living situation:


Consider Sleeping Habits 

So, we’ve already hinted this one. Are you a night owl or an early riser?

There is nothing worse than getting to sleep at 2am only to be woken 4 hours later by your flatmate getting ready for their morning run. Or vise versa, trying to get some 9pm shut eye whilst your flatmate is getting ready to go out.

There is no right or wrong, we love both morning and night people, but finding roommates with similar sleep schedules can help to avoid those late night or early morning conflicts.


Discuss Cleaning Standards

Talking from personal experience, university kitchens are not the most hygienic of places.

If you can’t stand messy spaces, it’s best to talk upfront and honestly about your cleanliness expectations before sharing a space with someone.

There is going to be mess, this is most student’s first time living away from home after all. But good communication gets everything out in the open so there is no award tension when it comes to dirty dishes. It’s always better to know any pet peeves upfront (like milk left on the side…grrr!)


Look For Shared Interests 

So, this one isn’t a necessity, but by having similar hobbies, social habits or study styles to your flatmate, it can help foster a bond and prevent annoyance when using your living space. For example, an avid quiet book reader and an aspiring drummer may not be the best fit!


Specify Drinking/Smoking/Guest Preferences

This one may seem like a reach, however socialising and partying is a large part of some people’s university experience. If this isn’t you, it’s best to get your preferences out there early and set your boundaries. If you have strong preferences on outdoor smoking, regular guests, or parties, make sure your flatmates share these values.

P.S. Your accommodation provider who love to know too – lol!


…and last but not least…


Random Allocation Still Works

I know it may seem like we’re changing our tune here. But it is important to say, don’t fret or overly strategise if random allocation seems simpler or is the only option. Some of the best bonds happen by surprise – it may just be the perfect match!


So, there you have it…the roommate dynamic is a massive part of your accommodation experience, do what you can to make it the best it can be. While getting the “perfect” match takes some luck and compromise, considering a few key factors helps set the stage for an enjoyable year In your student accommodation.


Published: Monday 27th November by Phoebe Clutton