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Top Tips for Working in Your Student Accommodation

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The perks of remote classes – rolling out of bed 5 mins before class, no need to make yourself presentable or commute anywhere. The cons? The bed is a little TOO tempting just a few feet away whilst you’re trying to focus on your lecturer.

Calling all students! Here are the top tips for working in your student accommodation I wish I had when I was at university…

For many students, your living space also doubles as your study and work area. At Urban Creation we understand this, and ensure dedicated workspaces are implemented into the design process of our accommodation.

Despite this, we also understand that working where you rest and relax can be challenging, although there are some easy ways to optimize your accommodation for productivity during study times.


Choose a Dedicated Workspace

Pick a spot in your room to act as your office. Having a consistent place to spread out your materials, laptop, and supplies will help get you into work mode (we’ve all been guilty of having textbooks and lecture notes spread across our bed!).

Position a desk and chair by a window for natural light if possible – make sure you get that vitamin D!

We’ve built offices into our student accommodation as we know it’s so important to have the correct space…just sayin’.


Minimize Distractions

Living with flatmates often means a buzz of activity around you. Whilst this can be great majority of the time, it’s not so great when you’re trying to get your head down into some coursework…

We recommend using noise-cancelling headphones or listening to focus playlists to block sound. Let others know you have quiet work to concentrate on. Close your door and hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign (or something along those lines!) when you really need to minimize disruptions.


Organise Your Space

Repeat after me…an orderly workspace clears mental clutter. Having been a messy desk student myself, I can tell you this one really changes the game!

Use drawer organizers, shelves, trays, and a calendar to neatly arrange supplies. Keep only essential books and materials out. Doing a quick tidy before you start also signals your brain it’s time to work, no procrastination over here!


Take Breaks

…And no we don’t mean a 30 minute TikTok scroll session (we’re guilty too, don’t worry!)

Studying for long, uninterrupted blocks can drain mental focus. Build in five-to-ten-minute breaks every hour to stand up, stretch, grab a snack, or do a brain boosting activity. Short breaks will refresh you and keep you focused for longer.


Set a Schedule

This one might seem a little far-fetched, but it can really help keep your life balanced. Moving to university for the first time can also mean a first for lots of real adult life things, boring we know, but hear us out…

Create a weekly schedule balancing study, classes, socializing, and self-care. Block out specific times for assignments, reading, and exams. Routines reinforce work ethic and time management skills, and make for an overall happier, healthier YOU.

With some planning, your student accommodation can provide a productive workspace to stay motivated and smash assignments and revisions!


Published: Monday 9th October by Phoebe Clutton