Urban Creation’s Exciting New Re-brand - Urban Student
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Urban Creation’s Exciting New Re-brand

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After nearly two decades of crafting unique residential environments, Urban Creation is thrilled to unveil a comprehensive rebrand coinciding with our imminent 20th-anniversary celebration. The revitalized visual identity is designed to accentuate our ongoing expansion and transformation.


Since our establishment in 2004, Urban Creation has brought to life numerous homes, apartments, and student housing units throughout Bristol and London. The updated branding introduces two separate sub-brands, Urban Student and Urban Apartments, enabling us to more effectively tailor our offerings to specific markets, all while remaining part of the well-established Urban Creation umbrella.


Urban Student showcases vibrant, bold colors and dynamic graphics designed to resonate with university students, while Urban Apartments exudes a sophisticated and upscale sensibility, aligning with our range of serviced and luxury apartments.


The introduction of sub-brands within our overarching brand not only enhances our ability to effectively cater to specific target markets but also paves the way for the continued expansion of our rapidly growing company.


Complementing the new branding will be an expansive marketing campaign launching across numerous social platforms. With our social channels continuing to focus on company updates, construction progress, community initiatives and more. Follow of journey via our Urban Apartments Facebook & Instagram, our Urban Creation LinkedIn and our Urban Student TikTok.



For more information, please visit www.urban-creation.com

For Urban Apartments please visit www.urban-apartments.co.uk

For Urban Student please visit www.urban-student.co.uk


Published: 03/01/2024 by Phoebe Clutton