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Why We Are International

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Welcome to Urban Student, your home away from home for students from around the globe. As an international student in the UK, we strive to make you feel comfortable in your accommodation and within the city.


Bristol, a vibrant and culturally rich city, is renowned for its diverse and inclusive community. Here, everyone, regardless of background, can feel empowered and supported.


Our goal is to make the UK a welcoming study destination, and we aim to highlight the significant contributions of international students to our culture and society. Join us in celebrating the positive impact of international students on our shared community and culture.


We are proud to host a significant number of international students in our apartments. We encourage the diversity of our residents and provide a safe, personalised environment for individuals from all over the world.


Here’s a bit of what we offer:

  • You can choose who you live with, whether you prefer to live alone or with others who share your preferences.
  • Our apartments provide private space for studying or personal time.
  • We have options for accessibility if you have specific needs.
  • We’re always available to offer support and advice as you navigate life in a new city.
  • We’re working with student societies to understand and meet the diverse needs of our tenants.




Published: 20.05.24 by Phoebe Clutton