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Your health and wellbeing during Covid-19 outbreak

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We are experiencing very uncertain times at the moment and because of this we can feel anxious, worried and scared. However, it is OK to feel like this, many people do. That’s why it is important to look after yourself and your mental health during these times.

Recently we wrote an article giving advice on how to stay safe during this outbreak, however your mental health is just as important as your physical health.


Take time for yourself 

This may sound like a slightly odd one to start with, considering you are probably self isolating on your own (or your housemate if you are in one of our shared apartments), however actually taking time for yourself aside from uni work, chores and life admin is important. 

Make sure you set aside some time everyday to do something that you enjoy. Be it reading a book, yoga, video games or painting your toe nails! This gives your body a chance to relax and unwind and switch off from the things around you. 


Stay connected with friends and family 

Keeping in contact with friends and family is extremely important. Social distancing has been extremely hard for most people and therefore ensure you are keeping up with loved ones via phone calls, WhatsApp, FaceTime etc. 

By speaking to loved ones, it can really help combat some of the loneliness that millions of us are feeling right now. 


Limit news and social media 

The coronavirus is all anyone is talking about at the moment. It can get very intense and all encompassing, particularly within the digital world we live in. 

By limiting your exposure to both the news and social media, you are giving yourself a chance to switch off and not get bogged down by a lot of the negativity that is out there at the moment. 

To make sure you receive the most up to date news you can visit the NHS website once a day so that you can ensure you are keeping up with any developments or a specific news website to stay in the know. 


Keep active 

Keeping physically fit is good for us, we all know that, however not only does it keep our body healthy but it is also good for our mental health too as the release of endorphins will help boost your mood. 

There are a number of things you can do to stay active. Although the Government has advised against non essential travel, they have stated that going out for a walk or run (away from other people) is still permitted. 

There are also a range of home workouts that you can do via YouTube. With more people than ever now at home, there are an endless array of videos that will suit you to choose from. 


Plan a schedule for your day

Ever felt like you are bored but also cannot find the motivation to do anything? We have all fallen into that trap (it’s extremely easy), however planning your day will help you not only get the most out of it, but also give you a sense of purpose for doing so. And by being productive the days will also go faster!

Ensure you set time for yourself to relax within this too; setting a schedule doesn’t mean you have to be doing uni work and studying all day! 


Don’t make assumptions 

It is easy to read all of the stories about what is going to happen and where we are heading. But it is important right now to not speculate and to just follow the official advice. It is all very uncertain at the moment and no one really knows, so the best thing you can do is stick to following the guidelines and advice from officials. 


Further advice 

Finally, if you are looking for further guidance or would like someone to speak to, the following organisations can help with this: 

Government advice

NHS Advice

World Health Organisation advice

Student Minds