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5 ways to use a mirror in your home

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Mirrors are used throughout a lot of our properties. Not only do they look the part, but they also serve some ingenious ways of adding more than just your reflection to your chosen space.

Below we have listed our top tips on how to use mirrors effectively in your home.

Improve light

Firstly, they improve light. Mirrors reflect light, we all know this, but carefully positioning a mirror in the right place can do wonders to a room; creating that bright and airy space we all know and love. 

By placing a mirror adjacent to a window will help bounce the light into those darkest areas of the room. Alternatively, placing a mirror into the darkest corners will also deflect your eye away from the darkness, onto the reflection of the mirror instead. 

Create depth

Mirrors are a great way to create a three dimensional feel to a wall. If you have a lot of space and the whole room just feels a bit ‘flat’, by adding a mirror you can create depth. Especially if you have something opposite the mirror to reflect into it!

Illusion of more space 

We all want more space; by adding a mirror you can create this illusion. And the bigger the mirror, the bigger the illusion.

Don’t be afraid to go for a large mirror, they can open up the room and give that feeling of high ceilings. 

To show off the views 

Do you have far reaching views outside of the room? Then place a mirror opposite this to show off the extent of the view and bring that outside, in! 

Plant in window of apartment 2, Beech House

To dress a room 

Mirrors are a sophisticated way of dressing a room. They can work in almost all types of room and are an easy way of finishing off a look without worrying about colour clashes or finding fixtures that work with the rest of the interior design. 

Apartment 1 Beech House

Decorating your hallway

And last but not least, the hallway. Hallways are the first part of your house that guests see when they enter. So you want to make an impression. A statement mirror can create the perfect entrance to any house, creating that inviting and warming atmosphere your guests will want to be part of. 

We hope you agree with our ideas. Do you have any other ways? We would love to hear them. 

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The Urban Creation Team